Business Sectors

We are experienced in a variety of business sectors:
Automotive, Process Industry, Medical devices, Automation Machinery, Energy, Railway and EPAC Bicycles.


Since its incorporation exida has always worked in the high technological areas that, at their time, were most relevant and demanding: Energy Production, Machines Automation, Railway.
At present, the focus is on the Automotive area which now constitutes our main, even if not the only, business activity.
exida may offer complete support throughout the entire process, for all the operational steps of the V-Model and for the HW and SW developments.

Process Industry

In this area Functional Safety is an irreplaceable element of the entire process. At this point the vast majority of end-users are implementing functional safety concepts in their plants, achieving compliance to IEC 61508 or industry specific derivative standards. exida has been operating in this field for over 20 years and is now in the position of offering complete support throughout the entire process for all the operational steps of the V-Model and for HW and SW developments, as it does in the Automotive industry.

Medical Devices

Medical devices continuously grow in importance, offering new inventions and advances in disease management. Today, medical devices offer implantable lifesaving and life-sustaining treatments, and decisions can be made based on artificial intelligence approaches.

Automation Machinery

These is one of the main historical fields of competence of exida.
In the Automation sector we can help you implement a good machine safeguarding program.


In the Energy context we are experienced in Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) methodology, typically used by designing/building engineering firms of various industries to handle the critical control loops.


Speed, reliability, safety and convenience are the decisive factors of attractiveness, but also the central issues for the modern train manufacturing.

EPAC Bicycles

The global e-bike market has a high potential for growth in the coming years: e-bikes are convenient, flexible, and an eco-friendly mode of transportation, an affordable alternative to city’s public transport but even sportive cyclists can benefit from expanding their riding terrain.
However, electric drives are adding a new level of complexity introducing safety and cybersecurity risks.
In this perspective, exida may be your experienced partner, supporting you throughout the entire safety and cybersecurity lifecycles.

Active Assisted Living (AAL)

The AAL specific functional safety requirements are:
AAL specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL) definitions that account for different characteristics of AAL users; and hazard analysis and risk assessment procedure using the AAL specific SIL.

These cooperative multiple systems can be operated by AAL users, who may not be fully trained. The requirements are specified in accordance with the principles of the basic standard for functional safety, IEC 61508 and the other related standards including ISO/IEC 14762 and IEC 63044 (all parts). IEC 63168 (all parts) provides AAL specific safety-related requirements for cooperative multiple systems that are operated together in a connected home environment.
IEC 63168 (all parts) may also be applicable to non-cooperative systems in the connected home environment that are not within the scope of other standards, regulations or laws relating to safety design.

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We provide consulting, assessment, cybersecurity, alarm management, product testing and certification under a number of Functional Safety, Security and SW Quality standards, such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ISO 26262, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), ASPICE


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