Leading Competences

We are experts in a variety of competence areas:
Functional Safety and SOTIF, Security and Cybersecurity, Quality, Engineering , Development methodologies and Robotics.

Functional Safety and SOTIF

FuSa is the area of a system or equipment (including hardware and software) that guarantees that the entire system/equipment is free from defects, or implements automatic protections in response to predictable system failures to avoid that the system leads, by failing, to unacceptable and predictable risks of physical injuries or damages to people´s health. The objective...

Security and Cybersecurity

In the traditional information technology field, Security consists in the protection against non- authorized access to systems and system components, so as to avoid damage to the hardware and the software, theft of electronic data as well as disruption or malfunctioning of the provided services. Cybersecurity is...


Quality is defined as the degree with which a process, product or service is compliant with the given requirements. In a business context...


Engineering is the application of the technical, scientific, and mathematical competences to solve problems…

Development Methodologies

  • Development process models
  • Design methodology
  • Simulation driven development
  • Verification driven development (development driven by analytical, simulation and testing verification)
  • Fast prototyping


Starting in the 1960s, robots became part of the modern industrial plants as machines designed to help and assist humans in the most critical, dangerous, or repetitive jobs.

From that moment on, robots became popular even outside the industrial sector and nowadays in our society they are present in all the application fields and in our daily life, ranging from semi-autonomous or autonomous cars to medical equipment and household appliances and toys. The need to make robots safe for humans and secure from potential malicious attacks is keenly felt and increasingly required…

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We provide consulting, assessment, cybersecurity, alarm management, product testing and certification under a number of Functional Safety, Security and SW Quality standards, such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ISO 26262, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), ASPICE


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