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exida Development was founded in 2009 to extend the traditional core business of the exida group to the Italian market, enriching it with competences in the Quality and, more recently, in the Cybersecurity fields.

The S-Lib is the most relevant product that exida Development offers, consisting in a set of ready-to-use C-Modules compliant to the AUTOSAR specifications, which, once integrated in a QM-developed software, guarantee that it will work as well for the required target ASIL.

exida Development is also responsible for the development of the SilcalX, a tool supporting the implementation of safety analyses methods (FMEA, FMEDA, FTA and DFA), valid both for, Quality and Functional Safety.

exida Engineering was founded in 2016 to explore the new technological frontiers of the Real Time Control Engineering, based on a Modelling and Simulation approach. It collaborates with invaluable partners in the engineering phase of new high-technological products development, especially but not exclusively, in the Automotive area.

exida Engineering´s main goal is to satisfy the needs of customers who would like to introduce these new methods into their R&D organization, consisting in modelling, design, and testing by simulation. To better serve the German customers, exida Engineering was incorporated in Germany too.

The incorporation dates certify exida’s ability to anticipate market needs and to rapidly evolve to meet them.
Currently these two companies, exida Development and exida Engineering, can offer a richer and more complete support to their customers.

Due to the frequent collaboration in a number of customer’s projects, and to make it easier to present the whole offer they are able to provide, exida Development and exida Engineering use to introduce themselves as complementary, yet self-standing entities: at this point, in order to simplify the reading of this overview, the companies are presented under the same name, exida E&D.

Standard supported activities


Real Time Control Engineering


  • Planning, Tracking, Reporting
  • Audit & Assessment

System Development

  • System requirements specification
  • System architecture & design
  • System analyses (HARA, FMEA, FTA, DFA)
  • Integration & validation testing, specification & execution
  • Verification by simulation (Mathlab/Simulink)

Hardware Development

  • Hardware requirements specification
  • Hardware design
  • Hardware analyses (FMEA, DFA)
  • HW/SW Interface specifications (HSI)
  • Hardware test specification

Software Development

  • Software requirements specification
  • Software architecture & detailed design
  • Software analyses (FMEA, FTA, DFA)
  • HW/SW Interface specifications (HSI)
  • Integration test specification & execution
  • Unit test specification & execution
  • Software implementation

Our team

The exida Development team and the exida Engineering team are both accustomed to international experiences, challenging assignments, continuous learning and improving; everyone actively contributes to the overall success of the common and personal projects.

The team of exida Development is rather oriented to the computer science and information technologies fields, while the team of exida Engineering is notable for its expertise in matters such as design, simulation and control engineering.

Together, these two entities constitute a unique 360-degree offer, able to support even the most complex and demanding projects.

Inspired by the fundamental company principles, each one is encouraged to work independently and to express individual opinions, ask questions, and suggest innovative ideas and solutions.


Aras Ashraf Gandomi

Software Developer

Fabio Raza

Automotive Engineer

Lidio Covelli Gerace

Automotive Engineer

Mattia Senise

Automotive Engineer

Mauro Tonon

Software developer

Veronica Zanella

Automotive Engineer

Where We Are

exida Engineering S.r.l.

P.za della Manifattura 1, 38068 Rovereto (TN) c/o Green Innovation Factory Manifattura


tel. +39 0464 443285
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fax. +39 0125 1925 225

exida Development S.r.l.

Via Ribes 5, 10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO) c/o Bio Industry Park


tel. +39 0125 1925 223
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fax. +39 0125 1925 225

exida Engineering GmbH

Am Söldnermoos 17, 85399 Hallbergmoos Germany


tel. +49 811 12880421
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We provide consulting, assessment, cybersecurity, alarm management, product testing and certification under a number of Functional Safety, Security and SW Quality standards, such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ISO 26262, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI), ASPICE


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